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Denstiny Islands is a paradise, a warm beautiful place filled with glory and light. That light was 3 people, Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Riku had to go off on a mission to help king mickey organize battle. A huge fight (war you could say) was about to happen. Darkness was creeping up towards each world. Destiny Islands was next. King Mickey said to Sora to look after kairi and protect the Princess Of Heart over his life. Sora knew what he had to do and went on with the plan. Kairi, here was left clueless. She knew something was up and wondered why Riku wasn't there. Lighting kept shooting in the sky of the island, the wind blowing as furious as ever. Sora grabbed Kairi's hand and ran to the cave. Rain started to pour making them soaking wet as they tried to dodge the wind, heartless slowly rising from the ground way out in the water. "Sora!"

Kairi cried as they slid into the cave Sora quickly closing the caves entrance with the rock. Sora slowly walked over to you sitting you down wrapping an arm around you the cave goes awkwardly silent "Sora.. Im scraed." Kairi said softly looking up at you, her pale blue eyes gaze into yours in fright. The thunder starts to get louder and closer each second that passes by.

Open Roelplay for any Soras out there! Thanks, hoped you liked it! <3


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